Dear Friends and modellers,

Welcome to Eduard’s August newsletter. This is a month that will, no doubt,

belong to the new 48th scale Mustang,

even though the ProfiPACK P-51D-5

Mustang premiere isn’t slated until the

end of September. But the Mustang

is an American aircraft, an American

thoroughbred legend, and it would

be a crime not to introduce the kit at

an American venue. This is especially true taking into account that one

of the better known Mustangs was

christened ‚Chattanooga Choo Choo‘

and this years National Convention

is being held in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Opportunities like this need to be

taken advantage of, and so we expended a lot of effort to make it all happen

in time. It is finished, and the Chattanooga Choo Choo kit, named for the

centrepiece of options it offers, and

the aircraft itself for the famous hit by

Glenn Miller, is heading off to Chattanooga, and beyond to the farthest reaches of the modelling world. As of next

Wednesday, the Mustang will also be

available on the Eduard e-store in the

Afterparty event, ensuring that even

those who cannot make the Nationals

are not left out in the cold. Out of the

so far produced 3,000 kits, about 400

remain in our warehouse, which is no

guarantee that everyone who wants

one, but delays, will actually get one.

But we are working hard to get around

this, and the second production batch

of the kit is in progress now, and should

resupply stocks by the end of next

week. It will differ from the first batch

in minor detail changes to the instructions, and the decals will be somewhat

thinner than those printed by Cartograf. All other aspects of the decal sheets will, in my opinion, be comparable

to the first release. They will hail from

our new print facility, installed in June

and perfected through July. You will be

able to judge their quality for yourselves, because besides the second series

of Chattanooga Choo Choo, this equipment will be used for all new releases

in September.

Back to the Mustang. Besides the

much overwhelming words of support, there has also been the usual ‚why

a Mustang? We have enough Mustangs, there’s no need for more.‘ Yes.

That’s how it might appear. Over the

life of our hobby, there have been a

lot of 48th scale Mustangs and all of

their incarnations are consistent with

the technology of the time in which



they were released. Until now, the best

available, with all do respect to our

British and Chinese colleagues, was

the release by Tamiya in the nineties.

Excellent model. I built it myself, and

I enjoyed every minute of it. But today,

a model of the Mustang can be made

better to adhere to current expectations in terms of detail, both internal

and surface. This is something, I think,

we have become quite good at, and

this is why we produce models of subjects that others have done, usually to

the extent that the technology of the

day allowed. We are trying to do the

same thing...produce kits that today’s

technology allows. We could focus on

kits no one has done before, like, say,

a Lockheed Vega. It would be beautiful,

but something tells me that it wouldn’t resonate as much as a Mustang or

a Hurricane.

I won’t go into any great detail, in

describing the Mustang kit. Everything

is on our Facebook page. I will just say

that, just as the Mustang swept the

skies of the Luftwaffe in the real world,

our Eduard Mustang is sweeping away

the Messerschmitts in our catalogue,

at least in terms of the month of August. You see, our focus on completing

the Mustang in time for the Nationals

forced the postponement of the completion of moulds for the anticipated Bf

109G-6/AS to the third quarter of the

year. It will be a nice kit, but at the moment, someone else is reigning supreme.

All the other announced new releases

remain intact. The nicest of these,

if you ask me, is the 1:48th scale MiG-21bis as a Limited Edition kit labelled

‚Around the World‘. It offers seven markings options of seven air forces from

four continents. Representing Europe,

there are options for Soviet, Croatian,

Hungarian and Polish bises, Asia is represented by Iraq, Libya from the African continent, which is also the newest

in terms of service life, and from the

Americas, we have a Cuban aircraft. My

personal favourites are the Central and

Southern European birds, Polish, Croatian and Hungarian Speaking of Cuban

aircraft, did you know that the famous

Cuban leader and exporter of revolution, Che Guevara, was a pilot? A revolutionary type of pilot, true, and probably

had a pretty lax set of piloting rules that

he followed, which led to his crash landing in the garden of his own villa. Well,

his ‚own‘‚..we won’t get into the details

of Marxist revolutionary practices here.

The main point is the crash itself. If you

can figure out what it was he crashed

in, you will get a clue as to one of our

future projects. Take it as a small quiz

for all those who constantly ask about

future project plans, because they just

can’t wait for anything and everything

new, except for what is being released

at the moment. And, by the way, we

still have not made a new nose for the

bis, since the old nose just isn’t the deviation it needs to be to justify it. Gabor

forgive us.

We also have the Albatros D.V in the

Weekend line in 1:48th and the tiny

little A-4F Skyhawk in the SUPER44

line, in 1:144th. The Albatros is ours,

and the Skyhawk hails from, originally,

Platz, from Japan. There will be more

of these, as already mentioned in previous newsletters, and the next in line

are Hellcats and P-51D Mustangs.

Turning our attention to accessories,

please note the 1:32nd scale sets for

the Fw 190A-8/R2 (Revell) and Bf 110C

(Revell, ex-Dragon). In this line, we are

also releasing a collection of sets for

the MH-60L from Kitty Hawk. Please

note that this kit is in 1:35th. In the

standard 35th line, we have two sets,

for the Su-85 from Zvezda and for the

M10 IIC Achilles from Tamiya. In 1:48th

scale, we are offering newly designed

sets for the Yak-1b from Zvezda, a kit

that has its roots in Accurate Miniatures. This is a kit we also released in our

Limited Edition lines some time back.

INFO Eduard - August 2019