Besides these, we also have another

three 1:48th scale sets, for the A6M5

Zero from Tamiya, the F-4J from Academy and the F-22A from Hasegawa.

In 1:72nd, we have sets focused on the

B-24J (Hasegawa), Su-30SM (Zvezda),

Mi-24V (also Zvezda) and the Eurofighter 2000 (Revell)

In the Brassin line of resin details,

I would like to point out the selection

of sets for the 1:32nd scale Bf 109E

Engine and Bf 109E Fuselage Guns,

sets that are suitable for our recently

released legion Condor Limited Edition kit. We also have a set for the

Bf 109G-10/U4 cockpit, meant for the

most recent edition of the Bf 109G kits,

the G-10 armed with 30mm MK 108s.

Note also the set of FOD covers for the

MiG-21 in 1:48th, which is essentially

a set scaled up from the 72nd scale

release from June. There was a lot of

demand for these sets on various forums. The line of 35th scale weapons

expanded by the eight-gun set of STEN

Mk.II submachine guns, and aircraft

sets in 1:48th have grown by the addition of the SUU-7 Dispenser w/ Extended Tubes (648478). There are also

three new LooK sets, notably including

one for the new 1:48th scale P-51D-5.

Here, the D-5 suffix is pretty important,

because the D-5 had a different instrument panel from later Mustangs, which

will be covered in version-specific sets.

Besides the LooKs, there are also two

new, small sets for the Mustang. These

are the exhausts and wheels. In time,

there will be more wheel sets, dictated

by tread patterns. We also have wheel

sets for the 1:72nd scale for Tamiya’s P-47D. There are no BigSins for August,

but there are six new BigEds.

Besides Chattanooga, we are also

looking forward to Pilsen and Lysa

nad labem. Yes, the latter is E-day, and

INFO Eduard - August 2019

it’s time to invest some attention to

that show. I should begin giving some

clues as to the admissions kit, but I am

thinking that this is a bit of a waste of

time, since everyone will figure it out

in no time. So, just for the heck of it,

start guessing! It’s also time to start

divulging some of the details regarding E-day scheduling, especially with

regards to the Friday evening of the

show. We are preparing the program

for that evening, and it will be called

‚Heat Wave‘, inspired by a Mustang of

the same name offered in the P-51D-5

ProfiPACK kit, which will be released

on the occasion of the show. There

will be three seminars, all dedicated to

the Mustang. One will be focused on

Mustangs over the Protectorate, one

will be focused on building our kit, and

the third will be on flying the Mustang.

These will be done by a historian, modeller and pilot, respectively. There will

also be a seminar that will detail the

aspects and considerations of judging a

model in both basic categories, the National Championships, Hobby as well

as Masters levels. This is in response

to our colleagues from the SMCR from

last year regarding fairness (or lack of)

of the point system and final results of

the National Championships. I am hoping that these seminars will be priceless to the show, and hopeful of what

they can bring to the table, so to speak.

The show will also have a stand with

coffee and strudel, and most likely one

with beer and some food as well. Our

table, as well as maybe a few others,

will be open for business. There will be

much to offer, trust me! Maybe even

moreso than the Mustang, the MiG-23BNs in 1:48th scale will be pulling

some weight. I suspect most of you will

already be aware of this forthcoming

kit, but if not, it is the Trumpeter kit

released as one of our standard Limited Edition efforts. It will also include

a publication by Martin Janousek. It is

an extension of last years Bedna release, which covered the MF and ML

fighters. There will be no effort in the

kit to correct the shape issues that are

a part of the base kit, and we didn’t

do that in the Bedna kit, either. I will

touch upon that in the next newsletter,

but I have explained this on numerous

occasions before. Besides this, there

will also be a Weekend Edition kit covering the MiG-21MFN, which won’t

have quite the attractive markings

options of the MF released in September (and sold at Pilsen), but even so,

the two options are nice in their own

ways. And then we have the Fokker

D.VII MAG, where a good half of the

marking options are dedicated to the

only machine of this type to fly in the

Czechoslovak Air Force. I am confident

that all of these kits, including the BN,

will still be available on the Saturday. If,

for some reason, there are sellouts on

the Friday, there will be an attempt to

restock for the Saturday, but it will be

best to just show up on the Friday!

Happy Modelling

Vladimir Sulc