P-47D-26-RA, Maj. Donavon Smith, the CO of 61st FS, 56th FG, Boxted AB, early 1945

Smith´s personal mount was camouflaged in a consistent manner with other 56th Fighter Group aircraft. The paints used are a topic of discussion, but in all

probability were British Dark Green, Ocean Gray and Medium Sea Gray. In early 1945, a temporary white color was painted on the upper surfaces. The red

rudder identifies this as a 61st Fighter Squadron aircraft. Maj. Donavon Smith led the 61st FS from September 26, 1944 to January 10, 1945. He is credited

with 7.5 confirmed kills, one probable and three enemy aircraft damaged. After the war, Smith´s military career continued and his last assignment was as CO of

the 6th Tactical Air Force.

Cat. No. 1179

INFO Eduard - August 2019