KITS 08/2019

44-13984, Lt. Clarence Boretsky, 334th FS, 4th FG, Debden, United Kingdom, Fall, 1944

The 4th FG was dubbed the ‚Debben Eagles‘ due to their beginnings, having been

formed from originally RAF Squadrons (No.s 71, 121 and 133). After being incorporated into the 8th USAAF, the units were redesignated as the 334th FS, 335th FS and

the 336th FS. Their equipment, in the form of the legendary Spitfire, was changed on

April 1st, 1943 to the P-47, and these were in turn replaced by the P-51 in February,

1944. Lt Boretsky joined the 4th FG in June, 1944 and applied the inscription ‚MEG‘

to the noses of his aircraft, which were the initials of his neighbour and platonic love,

Mary Ellen G. The scheme of this aircraft was as it was delivered from the factory.

Black ETO quick identification bands on the wings and stabilizers that were used over

Europe were also added. As with other 4th FG aircraft, the nose was painted in red

and the rudder in the same colour adorned aircraft of the 334th FS. The application of

the invasion stripes were consistent with requirements from the end of summer and

beginning of fall, 1944, when all that remained from the original markings were the

short bands only under the fuselage. Even these were removed from aircraft as the

war drew to its inevitable conclusion.

INFO Eduard - August 2019