over the command of the 4th FG and several

days later set on his journey back to the United

States. His incredible career spanned the past

four years starting with bumpy entry into RCAF,

service in the RAF and all the way up to the post

of one of the most respected fighter commanders the USAAF in Europe ever had. He logged

500 combat missions and more than 1000 flight

hours. It was said that he had his administration officers record some of his combat missions

as training flights not to reach the combat tour

quota too soon. He spent the rest of the war

„tucked away“ as a commander of Page Field

base in Florida. He remained in the Air Force

after the war and for example commanded the

31st FG and 27th Fighter Escort Wing flying P-82

Twin Mustan in the Pacific. After that he served

two tours witha the occupational forces in Germany and one in Korea where he served at the

Tactical Air Command headquarters. He served

in various commanding posts, primarily 17th Air

Force until April 30, 1965 when he retired.

4th FG

INFO Eduard - August 2021