Dear Friends,

Welcome to this, our one-hundreth,

newsletter. In honor of the centennial

issue, it has a length of one hundred

pages, and here, at the beginning,

I need to mention a few things regarding not only new items for October

that will have their premiere at this

year’s E-day. That will take place on

September 28th and the following

newsletter will come out on October

1st, technically too late for that event.

So, I will begin with E-day. That it will

take place in Lysá nad Labem has already been mentioned in previous

issues. September 28th is a Friday,

and it is a Czech national holiday celebrating Saint Wenceslaus. I apologize

to not only our Slovak brothers, but

to all neighbouring nations that have

that Friday as a normal work day, but

this is how it worked out. It probably

wouldn’t be such a bad idea for other,

at least European, nations to take the

St. Wenceslaus holiday and adopt it

with us as a day of peace and tranquility. That certainly won’t fly, since the

modelling community voice will be in

a small minority on the subject. On

the other hand, it can be assumed that

subsequent September 29ths will not

fall on a Friday, so E-days will fall on



the normal Saturday. The program will

begin already on Thursday with model

registration, stall setup and the pre-party at a local restaurant. Friday will

be described on our Facebook page as

it approaches, and we are planning the

Pot Q & A session, some workshops

and lectures. At this point in time, we

don’t quite have the theme ironed out.

We will be introducing new items for

next year and also the end of this one.

That will be the Tempest, for which we

will have some test shots, and also the

Mustang, which is a project entering

the mould production phase. We will

have something to say about further

MiG-21s in 1/72nd scale, about Fokker

D.VIIs and the Z-37 Cmelak (Bumble

Bee) to which we have gotten around

to rather reluctantly. What will be new

this time around is the talk on the train

from Prague to Lysá nad Labem and to

Nymburk and back. Here, I also have

to admit to not having a completely

firm plan in mind and there are things

to consider, such as the ban on steam

locomotives due to the dry conditions.

Should the ban continue, then the train

will be hauled by a diesel locomotive,

but that will unfortunately lose some

of the effect. With respect to the trip

by train to Nymburk, we are working

on an aerial component to that leg of

the journey, but it still isn’t clear if this

will bear fruit, since this is dependent

on several local government offices giving their approval and that is not yet

a certainty. In any case, you can count

on updates on our Facebook page and

on our site.

And now a few words regarding the

promised new October items for E-day.

Among these, we have three Czechoslovak aircraft in 1/48th scale, as a tribute to the birth of the Czechoslovak

Republic in 1918. All three fall under

the Limited Edition label and each hails

from a different era that together define the evolution of Czechoslovak aviation through that century. The First

World War era and the twenties are

represented by the SPAD XIII, released

under the heading of LEGIE with the

INFO Eduard - September 2018