Bf 109G-4/trop, W. Nr. 15013, flown by Lt. U. Seiffert, 8./JG 53, Tindja,

Tunisia, April 1943

III./JG 53 took part in the defensive battles of the German Afrika Korps in the face of increasingly offensive pressure emanating from the Allied advance through today‘s Tunisia at the end of spring 1943. This

unit was based in Sicily, but a temporary home for the 8th Staffel was made at the Tunisian base at Tindja

from April 1st to the 20th.

This tropicalized Bf 109G-4 was flown by Lt. Seiffert during this time period. The aircraft was sprayed in

a desert camouflage consisting of RLM 79 which covered the upper and side surfaces, while RLM 78 was

the bottom side colour. The white bottom wing tips and the white fuselage band ahead of the tail surfaces

were identifying marks for aircraft on the southern front. The upper surfaces would later receive a squiggle

pattern of RLM 80.

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