Capt. Gilbert Insall VC, No. 50 (Home Defence) Squadron, Bekesbourne, United Kingdom, May/ July 1918

Gilbert Insall entered the ranks of the RFC on March 14th, 1915 as a 2nd Lieutenant and was assigned to No. 11 Squadron. For his salvaging of his Vickers

FB.5 Gunbus on November 7th, 1915, he was awarded the Victoria Cross. He would not be able to claim it, though, until September 27th, 1917, upon his

escape from captivity after being shot down on December 14th, 1915. After his return to service, he was assigned to No. 50 Squadron where he was Flight

A leader. He remained a military pilot after the end of the First World War and retired on June 30th, 1945. He passed away on February 17th, 1972 and

his Victoria Cross found its way into the collection of the RAF Museum in Hendon.

The white ring on the national markings on the upper wings

and the white band on the rudder were overpainted in

the camouflage colour NIVO that were used to help

conceal the aircraft on the upper and side surfaces.

The white ring on the national markings on the

fuselage was overpainted with red colour.

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