1./ KG(J) 6, Prague – Kbely, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, March / April 1945

Huge losses suffered by Luftwaffe fighter units was one of the reasons why the leadership decided in October 1944 to reduce the

number of bomber assets and to distribute their personnel among fighter squadrons after the necessary conversion training. One of the

Geschwader units that this had an impact on was KG 6. The unit was redesignated as KG(J) 6 and was re-equipped with the Bf 109G-10

and K-4. Training was undertaken at Prague-Kbely, Prague-Ruzyne and at Klecany. On March 31st, KG(J) 6 aircraft fought against 309th

FS/31st FG Mustangs over Prague. The resulting heavy losses led to the disbandment of the unit a few days later, on April 9th.

This aircraft was abandoned at Kbely, probably due to irreparable damage where it was photographed after the war. It‘s KG(J) 6

ownership is indicated by the red and black square fuselage band on the rear of the aircraft.

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