Allied bombers in which were other

fine, young men doing their job. Was

it their fault? Did the fault lie with the

boys in the B-17s, that their bombs

were destroying homes in German cities and towns? No, it wasn’t. Neither

of them was to blame. It was the fault

of those that caused that terrible war

that these young lads just tried to survive. We are trying to remember the

heroes of this war regardless of their

nationality and our own personal politics and historical sympathies. Without

this, history cannot be complete and

an incomplete history is always a lie.‘

I would like to add that my colleague

Zdiarsky, besides his work with Eduard,

is curator of the Museum of Air Battle

over the Ore Mountains, dedicated to

the events of September 11th, 1944,

where that specific area saw intense

combat between American 100th BG

B-17Gs and German JG 4 interceptors.

For over thirty years, he has been researching the fates of participating airmen, has met with many of them and

continues to meet with their relatives.

INFO Eduard - September 2018

Among others, he is a member of the

100th Bomb Group Foundation. With

respect to his professional direction,

B-17s, Mustangs, Bf 109s and Fw 190s,

especially the A-8/R2 version, are literally an integral part of his life. His

design of the shirt is no run of the mill

item; it is a graphic expression of his life’s work and devotion.

Incidentally, after his July lecture

on the battle from September 11th,

1944 at the 100th Air Refuelling Wing,

USAF, Mildenhall, England, base, the

CO of the unit decided to adorne one

of the unit’s KC-135s with an artwork

depicting one of the B-17Gs shot down

over the Ore Mountains. This unit is

decended from the 100th BG and is

the only current American unit to carry

on its aircraft markings hailing from the

Second World War. I am hoping that the

promised article on the lecture comes

out before the end of the year and that

it will reveal which noseart it is.

And while on the topic of America,

we were there at the IPMS National

Convention at the beginning of August.

Arizona is mezmorizing, the convention

was awesome, and we thank all those

who took a bit of time and visited our

table and chatted with us. We also give

thanks to those who took part in our

internet post-event Afterparty and for

patience regarding the slightly delayed

delivery times. We would also like to

thank the organizers of the IPMS National Convention from IPMS Phoenix

with their help in our participation and

with the work of putting on the show

in general. We registered to be at the

show next year in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The second half of next year will

include our new Mustang, and so our

goal is to introduce the stylized P-51

‘Chattanooga Choo Choo‘ at the show.

And when you see our Mustang for

yourselves, only then will you understand the concept of glorification!

And with that threat, I sign off for today.

Happy Modelling!

Vladimir Sulc