KITS 09/2020

Bf 109E-4, WNr. 5375, Hptm. Wilhelm Meyerweissflog, Stab JG 53, Etaples, France, September 1940


This Bf 109 E-4 was produced by WNF in May or June 1940 but at unit level it was registered as E-1. It carries white markings that were

applied by some Luftlotte 3 fighter units due to misunderstanding of Luftwaffe instructions from early August 1940. Camouflage consist of

RLM 71, 02 and 65. In late July the highly successful JG 53 got an order to delete „Pik As“ emblem from their machines and use instead

a 30cm wide red band on engine cowling. The official explanation was linked to fear that enemy could identify the unit during aerial battles.

According the Kommodore Obstlt. Hans-Jürgen von Cramon the real reason was constant bullying of his person by Luftwaffe command

because of Jewish origin of his wife. Quite a few pilots of JG 53 decided to overspray swastikas on their planes in summer 1940. Wilhelm

Meyerweissflog was born in 1889 and served in military during Great War. After the war it is assumed he lived in Switzerland and often

travelled to USA as businessman. In JG 53 „Pik As“ he was acting as an administrative officer of Geschwaderstab. His machine was also

photographed during refueling at captured British airbase La Villiaze, Guernsey, Channel Islands. He was captured on September 5th, 1940.

During interrogation he said: „saw the boys going off and thought he would like a flip too. He jumped into his aircraft, flew vaguely in the

direction of England and was neatly shot through the petrol tank by a British fighter“, probably by F/Lt. P.C. Hughes with Spitfire of No. 234

Sq. Hptm. Meyerweissflog made a forced landing at Monkton farm near St. Nicholas –at-Wade at 15.45 hrs, “from which more by luck than

good judgement he came out safely and, when apprehended, had not the slightest idea where he was”. To further quote the interrogation

report, his start and mission were described as a ´Very freelance patrol´, and his morale as ´Good under trying circumstances´.

Bf 109E-4, WNr. 3709, Oblt. Josef Fözö, CO of 4./JG 51, Desvres, France, second half of September 1940


Fözö´s plane after his 14th victory scored on October 15th morning near London during escort of fighter bombers. Yellow cowling and rudder are identification markings introduced at beginning of September to identify Bf 109s assigned to fighter bomber missions.



INFO Eduard - September 2020