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F1471, 185th Aero Sqn USAS, Colombey-les-Belles, France, March 1919

The 185th Aero Squadron of USAAC was established on November 11, 1917, at Kelly Field, Texas, by transferring some personnel from the 24th

Aero Squadron. The entire unit then embarked aboard the RMS Adriatic in late January 1918 and arrived in Liverpool on February 16. After the

personnel undergo training, they moved to France on August 12 to the American Rest Camp No. 2 at Le Havre. From there they proceeded to

St. Maxient Replacement Barracks for ground training and then to Colombey-les-Belles for further aerial training. However, due to the need

to resupply other units, seventeen pilots with completed training were transferred elsewhere. The 185th Aero Squadron itself did not receive

its Camels until September 12 after moving to Rembercourt airfield. At the same time, it was the first U.S. unit designated for night fighter duty.

However, the pilots were not trained for such a task, nor did the equipment of the airfield and aircraft were sufficient for it. This Camel was

delivered to the unit two days after the Armistice and remained in the unit's inventory even after it moved back to Colombey-les-Belles and

changed their Camels for Spads XIII in February 1919. This Camel received a coat of white paint on the fuselage during this period. Upper sides

of wings remained in PC10. The squadron emblem, a black bat in an orange circle, was painted on the aircraft after the war. The F1471 Camel

was manufactured by Boulton & Paul and was powered by a Gnome engine.


Sopwith F.1 Camel


Cat. No. 82171X

Cat. No. 11151-LEPT1

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