the piston heads while the PE piece represents

the plug wires. I am hopeful that this will be

viewed as optimized use of available technologies and that the discussions about these

will be positive. My own impression is that this

engine is a small miracle, and I am curious to

see what will be said by a traditionally critical

component of the modelling community.

I don’t think there is any real need to try and

convince anyone of the mentioned advantages

of 3D prints. In some sets, these will be obvious, and it should lead to their use by modelers who, for one reason or another, may have

avoided such detail sets in the past. These may

have included difficulty of use and geometrical

instability, both of which are being addressed

with this technology. Production will differ

from traditional methods. Besides a dramatic

decrease in the number of parts, what gluing

will need to be done will be accommodated

by the geometrical stability over long periods,

weather it is an assembly of printed parts or

INFO Eduard - September 2021

a completed assembly into the model. I expect

the tolerences of fit to be as tight as they are

with our kits, and this will set these apart from

cast resin…another league altogether. We fine-tuned this technology over the summer and

bought two new printers. One is being dedicated to 3D production prints and the other for

Look and Space sets.

By November, the majority of our production

will be printed. By next year, the goal is to have

the majority of new items done with this technology, quickly replacing the cast resin. This

will concern first and foremost missiles, as

well as engines and cockpits. So far, wheels

will still be cast, because it actually looks as

though 3D prints as production pieces offer no

advantages over cast resin. And since we have

touched on expenses and resources, it looks

like we can largely maintain price points where

they are. Maybe we can even decrease them a

bit. Time will tell if all this is sustainable. What

is happening currently with costs of metal and

plastic, and even wood and other building materials, was unforeseen even a year ago.

Samples of newly prepared production will be

up for inspection on September 11th at Hotel

Olympik at the national championships of the

CzR. This will begin at 3:00pm, and will go on

through as long as interest lasts. Much of the

above described things will be there, and more.

For example, there will be a set rivets for the

Mi-24, printed in the same manner as our Space sets. They are applied like decals and are

very ‘rivetting’!

I would like to also point out that we established an Instagram account. The address is

EduardCompany. So if you prefer Instagram to

Facebook, you are more than welcome to come

by for a visit.

Happy Modelling!

Vladimir Sulc