Spitfire Mk.Vc Trop, Lt. Richard Alexander, 2nd FS, 52nd FG, 12th AF, Borgo, Corsica, early 1944

Richard Alexander was one of the original Eagle Squadron pilots and his service fairly reflects the story of all Americans fighting on Spitfires.

His teethed QP-A was one of the last “Fives” finishing their service with 2nd FS at Borgo airport in Corsica, still in the beginning of 1944. In June

1943, when 2nd FS was still stationed at La Sebala airport in Tunisia, its members gave the unit the nickname “American Beagle Squadron”,

a play with words on the account of the more famous Eagle squadrons. The American Beagle Squadron marking was painted on several 2nd

FS Spitfires and was also carried on Alexander’s aircraft together with some other emblems on various locations of the fuselage. It needs to

be stated, that the achievements of the whole 52nd FG on both Spitfires as well as Mustangs after the integration into 15th AF, did not fall short

of achievements of their more famous colleagues from 8th AF and made its mark in the history of the American aviation.

INFO Eduard - September 2021