An example of the dark green painted aircraft (S-199.180) featuring the white UF-21 fuselage codes and non-standard blue outline of the national insignias. This aircraft was written

off after the crash of pilot student Bohuslav Solta from the 4th Aviation School in Prostejov-Stichovice on May 30, 1953.

Crop of the well-known photograph of the

apron with S-199 and C-2 aircraft from the

18th Fighter Squadron in Pardubice, spring

1954. The dark painted aircraft in the middle is EX-58 belonging to the 3rd section

of the 3rd flight (initially this was a photo

reconnaissance aircraft). In this photograph we can compare the light gray-green

finish of the older aircraft with the newer

(or overhauled) aircraft sprayed with dark

green color. In both cases the fuselage

codes are white and the national insignia

feature a blue outline.

S-199.458 (manufactured by Aero) flown by Lt. Zdenek Štefl grounded after the mid-air collision with another „onehundredninetynine“ in the area of Letkov village on July 15, 1952. The

aircraft belonged to the 2nd Flight of the 51st Fighter Squadron in Pilsen. The scarlet code B-0235 indicates the previous owner, the National Security Aviation (disbanded on December 23, 1950). The Czechoslovak insignia with the standard 15mm white outline are painted in accordance with the 2nd Order of the National Markings Application dated October 1947.


INFO Eduard

September 2022