The fabric strips application on the wingtips: in the detailed picture of S-199.185 coded IF-01 the fabric covering strip on the rib nr.13 location is not applied yet (or it was removed) while

in the picture from Pilsen taken in winter (the codes SO were allocated to the 4th Fighter Squadron, namely its 3rd Flight) it is already over painted and shows a bit darker shade.

Image of the


SK 257 wing

fragment from

VHU collection:

light gray-green

paint applied on

the aileron fabric

covering that may

have influenced

the Czechoslovak

aviation industry

after the war. We

cannot exclude

this paint (of

which some

stocks could have

remained) and its

shade as potential

application on the

Czechoslovak airplanes, including


September 2022

The fragment

of the original

Avia drawings

nr.MeS 101 dated

January 1946

which prescribed

the location and

dimensions of the

wing circular national markings.

It was specific for

S-99 aircraft but

later applicable to

S-199 as well.

INFO Eduard