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Lt. Herbert Kutscha/Fw. Martin Heinz, 5./ZG 1, Soviet Union, 1942

In the beginning of the war, Lt. Herbert Kutscha flew

with II./JG 77 but soon was ordered to 5./ZG 1 equipped with Bf 110. During the French campaign he shot

down several enemy aircraft including the Bf 109 of

the neutral Switzerland’s air force. On the Eastern

Front where his II./ZG 1 was redesigned to II./SKG 210,

Kutscha enjoyed great successes as a fighter-bomber pilot. His II. Gruppe SKG 210 led by Hptm. Rolf Kadrack specialized in the high-speed low level attacks

which led to the unit’s designation the Fast Bombing

Squadron (SKG – Schnellkamptgeschwader). Having

scored 22 kills Lt. Herbert Kutscha was awarded the

Knight’s Cross.


for Bf 110E 1/72


DB 601A/N for Bf 110C/D/E (Brassin)


Luftwaffe rudder pedals PRINT (Brassin)


Bf 110G wheels (Brassin)


Bf 110E (Decal set)


SC 50 German WWII bombs (Brassin)

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