kits, for example the aforementioned 1/48

scale Tamiya P-38J Lightning. The others

are Spitfire Mk.XVIII and F-86-F-40 Sabre,

both produced by Airfix in 1/48 scale. The

Ukrainian company ICM issued the brand

new 1/32 scale kit of Yak-9T. For it we offer

the classic set of accessories: steel seat

belts, Zoom set, the extensive PE set and

the classic PE landing flaps set. The Russian company Zvezda has released 1/48 scale Yak-9, specifically its long-range version

Yak-9D. Besides two supplementary sets

and steel seat belts from Steelbelts edition we will also offer the mask sets both

in standard and two-sided TFace versions.

Fairly rare are 1/35 scale airplane kits by

Border Models company which has released two kits so far while others are in

preparation. We are currently launching the

sale of Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 sets and

in October we will follow up with a set for

Ju-87 Stuka. I got to admit that I don’t have

much faith in the sales success of these

kits. There had been several attempts in

introducing them to the market in the past

and I don’t recall that any of them was successful. It may be different this time and

we may witness the market breakthrough.

More likely not, but you never can tell, can


I would like to point out that in September

we are adding to our new items portfolio

the unusually large number of sets for the

armor kits. There will be two sets for new

Jagdtiger by Hobby Boss in 1/35 scale. One

contains the general parts and the other

one the mud guards. Another new 1/35 scale model by Hobby Boss is Coyote TSV derived from Jackal vehicle deployed in combat in Afghanistan. Previously we released

sets for Jackal 1 and 2. The last September

new PE release in 1/35 scale is the set for

the kit of the Soviet T-70B tank by Zvezda.

The aforementioned new releases do not

represent the complete list of all new accessories sets. I hope you pay close attention

to this information and do not read the historic articles only. Well, I am an optimist,

I guess? Nevertheless, I am aware that we

release a lot of sets in a growing number of

various series. If you cannot get oriented in

them do not despair. In the upcoming Info

issues, we plan to publish the description

of each set, for what and whom it is intended and its other benefits. And if you are

still uncertain after that feel free to ask. We

will gladly give you a piece of advice. And

E-day is the right place to be where you can

see samples of our production and our designers and product managers will answer

any question you may have.

čík. Also the sixth part of the series „The

Air War over Ukraine“ by Miro Baric is here.

This story covers the evacuation flights of

the Ukrainian helicopters to Mariupol during its heroic defense. We are also adding

a sample of the book by Christopher Thomas, which is part of our LIMITED edition

kit of Mk.II Tempest. And to keep you reading there is a Boxart story, slowly making

tradition. One of our readers wrote to me

recently saying they are the great articles

for a breakfast, even better as bedtime

stories. They are short and he manages to

finish reading them before he falls asleep. One at a time of course so today’s crop

should last a week.

Plastic Modeling Championship

of the Czech Republic

I have one more topic to discuss so please

stick around and do not move on the historic articles yet. Next Saturday, September

19 the traditional Plastic Modeling Champi-

onship will take place in the Prague‘s hotel

Olympic. Eduard is one of the sponsors and

also a media partner of the event. It means

we will write about the event in the upcoming Info issues. So far, we have not been

a media partner of any similar event, so

I am proud to join hands with the event

organizers, Plastic Modelling Section of

the Czech Republic Association of Model

Builders. Besides, the main award of the

Championship is the “Ear Cup” donated by

our company. I will be the one to present

this award and I am looking forward to it.

And before that I will give the presentation

of our new items, plans, innovations, future

and so on. Similar presentation I will give

three weeks later at E-day.

And now, let’s move on to those historic articles.

Let’s have a kit!

Vladimir Sulc

Historic articles

They are, of course more interesting to

read, I agree. So, I will not hold you any longer just quickly mention what you can read

today. There is the second part of F4F-3

Wildcat story by Tom Cleaver and also another part of S-199 article by Michal Ovčá-

September 2022

Z-326M, OK-OTP will fly over the Milovice Saturday afternoon. Its pilot, Milan Mikulecký, will be one

of the participants in the Friday evening discussion.

INFO Eduard