KITS 10/2020

Z-37A s/n 25-13 was registered on November 1st, 1983 for

Slov-Air Division 05 in Brno and from January 28th, 1993

was owned by Reas a.s. in Brno. From June 21st, 1999, the

aircraft was owned by Air Special a.s. and was overhauled in

2003 at Usti nad Orlici Airfield. Currently, it is owned by JV OK

s.r.o. and is in storage at Jicin Airfield.

Z-37A s/n 25-14 was registered on November 25th, 1983

for Slov-Air Division 02 in Prague, from January 29th, 1993

was owned by Air Speciál a.s., in 1994 was being flown out

of Mariánské Lázně, from 1997 was owned by Air Special in

Liberec. Overhauled in 2000, the aircraft was sold to AgroAir

Chrudim in 2016. Note the nose in a tiger motif with tiger prints

on the tail.

Z-37A s/n 16-16 was registered on November 8, 1972 to

Slov Air Division 2 in Prague. In 1978, it was flown by JZD

Vyprachtice. After 1993, it was flown in Trnava as OM-ZJE.

From 2014, it flew with the Aeroclub Dubnica nad Vahom in

Slovakia as a glider tow. Together with Z-37C-3 OM-DCC

Dusty, it formed the Dusty Display Team until the fatal crash of

the latter.

Z-37A s/n 19-27 was produced in 1973 and registered on April

18th, 1975 for Slov-Air Division 02 in Prague. It was owned by

Air Special from February 27th, 1992 and sold to Jas Air CZ

Ltd. on June 30th, 2008. Overhaul and repaint was conducted

in 2010 at Hosin Airfield. OK-DKU was flown with bright blue

auxiliary fuel tanks, later with silver units adorned with sharkmouths.

Z-37 s/n 03-14 was registered on August 22nd, 1967 to Agrolet Bratislava, and from September 24th, 1969, to Slov-Air.

OK-WJT is displayed in the Air Museum in Vyskov, near Brno,

in a scheme applied to export Cmelaks. It is still registered as

an airworthy aircraft. The paint was refreshed in 2016, and the

last known overhaul was conducted in 2004.

Z-37A s/n 18-19 was registered on June 21st, 1973 and flew with Slov Air’s Division 02

in Prague, passed on to Air Bratislava in Slovakia. The aircraft remained in Slovakia after

the splitting up of Czechoslovakia, to be flown by Cassovia Air service under the Slovak

registration OM-DJW. Later it was sold into the Czech Republic and overhauled at Kunovice. It is operated from Luhacovice Airfield, still with the Slovak registration OM-DJW.



INFO Eduard - October 2020