KITS 10/2022

Z-326MF, No. 931, private owner, Slaný airfield, Czech Republic, 2022

This aircraft was manufactured in 1967 and at the

end of October of the same year it was flown to the

factory warehouse in Vyškov, where it remained until

April 1968. It was then sold to France and flown there

on July 11, 1968. In France, it received the F-BPNP matriculation and flew as a trainer and towing aircraft

for ten years at Carcassonne airfield in southern

France region. From 1979 this A/C served to flight

school at Nimes airport but was moved by ship to the

Caribbean in November 1983. There its new owner

flew it from Pointe-a-Pitre airport in Guadeloupe.

From September 1985 to August 1988 the F-BPNP

was stored and did not fly, the exception were last

few flights at the turn of 1988/89. It changed hands

several times over the next twenty years but did

not fly at all. In 2008 it returned to the Otrokovice

in Czech Republic and underwent an overhaul by

Zlin-Avion Service as well as conversion to the

Z-326MF standard. The FTO Aviatický klub (Aviatic

Club) from Roudnice n/L became the operator of the

aircraft, but it is also employed by Vintage Aviation

for pilot training. The aircraft’s livery has a historical context. In the 1960s and 1970s, the aerobatic

team of Great Britain led by Neil Williams flew Z-226s

and Z-526s in the same colors.



Z-326/526 Trenér Master


stránka produktu




Trenér Master


stránka produktu


for Z-326/526 Trenér Master 1/48



Z-326/526 wheels 1/48 (Brassin)


Z-126/226/326/526 cockpit placards (Decal Set)

INFO Eduard

October 2022