KITS 10/2022

WNr. 170050, Lt. Heinz-Günther Lück, 1./JG 1, Bad Lippspringe, Germany, April 1944

Lt. Heinz-Günther Lück flew with JG 1 during his whole combat career. He was credited with five kills in

total, all of them four-engined B-17s. On April 9, 1944

his Fw 190A-8 „white 14“ was hit in the engine by the

defense fire while he was attacking the formation of

the American bombers and Lt. Heinz-Günther Lück

was forced to perform an emergency landing on the

island of Ørø near Stokkeby. His wingman in „white 3“

landed alongside. Lück was wounded when his head

hit the instrument panel and was treated for the

resulting concussion at the hospital in Erøskøbing.

In the following days the aircraft was dismantled

and transported away. Lt. Heinz-Günther Lück was

re-patriated back to Germany and to his unit

JG 1 where he fought until the end of hostilities.

WNr. 733700, Uffz. Günther Pape, 3./JGr. 10, Jüterbog, Germany, November 1944

The aircraft flying with 3./JGr 10 were equipped with

the 210 mm diameter rocket launchers installed on

the bottom of the fuselage. This rear-firing device

was used for attacking the formations of the American bombers. During September and October 3./JGr

10 suffered heavy losses inflicted by the American

escort fighters and the unit had to withdraw for the

scheduled rest and replenishment. „Black 6“ does not

feature the rocket launcher which could be removed

at any time. „Black 6“ was decorated by the yellow

snake with red head and red outlined back painted

on both sides of the fuselage. On April 5, 1945 Uffz.

Günther Pape was shot down and killed over Thüringen in the duel with P-47 piloted by Lt. L. Dean from

393rd FS/367th FG. On November 8, 1997 his remains

were found and Günther Pape was burried in Hotzelrod at Eisenach.

WNr. 732217, Uffz. Heinz Birk, 12./JG 5, Herdla, Norway, February 1945

Since summer 1944 Uffz. Heinz Birk flew with 7./JG 5

and 10./JG 5. In the fall of 1944 he was transferred

to 12./JG 5 where he flew Fw 190A-8 „blue 5“ WNr.


INFO Eduard

732217. Operating out of Herdla airport in Norway JG 5

fought against Soviet VVS and RAF. The photographs

dated from February 1945 capture the „blue 5“ with

twelve kill markings on the rudder. Eleven of them

are painted with red stars and one with English cocade. Uffz. Heinz Birk survived the war.

October 2022