The F4F-3 Wildcat in 1:48th is the first version of the Wildcat

released in the Weekend line.

Also the later S-199 version with a sliding canopy is the first version of

this model to be released in the Weekend series.


After the first edition of WUNDERSCHÖNE NEUE MASCHINEN in June, dedicated to the Messerschmitt Bf 109F, we are releasing further versions

with the second edition, dedicated to the Bf 109G-2 and G-4, the first Bf

109s powered with the DB 605 engine. We will release the kit in November, 2023, as a Dual Combo boxing with two sets of plastic to build two

complete models. In this case, both sets of toolings are identical.

Out of a total of fourteen marking versions, seven are dedicated to the

Bf 109G-2 and seven to the Bf 109G-4. In addition to German machines,

there are Finnish, Slovak, Romanian and Italian aircraft.

October 2023

Special E-Day

INFO Eduard