In January 2024, we will continue with the 72nd scale Bf 109G with the

Gustav Pt.1 kit. This will be dedicated to the Messeschmitt Bf 109G-5

and early versions of Bf 109G-6. With this kit, we will probably embark

on the most interesting topic, the peak period of the development of the

Bf 109. During the year, we will continue with other G version aircraft.

The following release will be dedicated to the late Bf 109G-6 with the

tall rudder and the Erla-type canopy, as well as the Bf 109G-14, while

the third part will get into the ‘upper’ versions of the Gustavs, the

Bf 109G-6/AS and the Bf 109G-14/AS. The fourth will dedicate itself to

the Bf 109G-10 of various versions. In addition to these introductory

kits of the LIMITED series, we will continuously release the traditional

ProfiPACK kits throughout the year.



Among November's new products, you will also find the Fw 190A-7 in 1:48th scale in the ProfiPACK range. This is a version of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190A

that we have not yet released as a new tool item.


In December, the highlight of the month will be the 1:48th scale FM-1

Wildcat in the ProfiPACK line. We will be releasing several accessory

items in the Brassin line in the same month.


Currently, we are completing the molds for the Bf 109G

series in 1:72nd scale, and at the same time we are in

full swing on the molds for the P-51B and C Mustang in

1:48th scale. Although the kit is a P-51D conversion, it is

nevertheless a very extensive conversion. In its final form,

the new P-51B will share only one sprue with its P-51D

predecessor, with additional tanks and payload.



INFO Eduard Special E-Day

October 2023