After E-day, there was a question among modellers as to what the images of the Stuka scans projected on the viewscreen after ‘the Pot’ Q and A meant.

And does this mean that Eduard will release a Stuka in the future. The answer is yes, Eduard will release the Stuka. As has been the custom lately, the

project will focus on the entire development line of the Ju 87. The only thing that is not yet clear is whether the Ju 87A will also be part of the project.

We will start construction immediately after the completion of the work on the P-40 project.

We scanned two Stukas, a Ju 87 D at Hendon and a Ju 87 B wreck in Berlin. The data scanned by us will also be used in the reconstruction of a real Stuka,

a Ju 87B, which is being renovated for an American owner in the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Kits are not our only livelihood, and accessories are a huge part of what we do. We will

continue to develop the lines of accessories that we have, and are preparing innovations

in masks and in the Brassin line. Naturally, the latter refers to predominantly 3D printed

sets. Here, too, you can expect new processes and approaches. For example seats with

integrated seat belts. In addition to small and large sets, dominated by cockpits and

engines, we also have very large kits in development, such as the bomb bay and landing

gear bays for the F-35 in 1:48th scale. We are preparing sets of printed landing gears, and,

as the cream of the crop, we are also preparing sets of brake chutes.

October 2023

Special E-Day

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