AUTHOR OF THE CUP: MgA. Stanislav Müller




I have designed and polished a glass cup

that you would like to have at home in

a prestigious place. I chose optical glass,

a material with specific characteristics

that affects the incoming light, reflects

and refracts it. It is a high quality glass

that is expensive to produce. I used the

method of assembling precisely cut

segments to build an original piece with

a story.

I was inspired by elements that appear

in different variations on the models,

such as the stylized missile wings,

which in this case are not the bearer of

destruction, but on the glass represent

an expression of beauty and victory.

I am grateful for the opportunity to pay

tribute to the modelling art that is related

to the admiration for the machine itself

and celebrates the mechanical age,

similar to the prize I created in 2018 for

the World Champion of the elite Red Bull

Air Race series, in aerobatics, won

in Porto, by Czech pilot Martin Šonka.

The winner of the CZECH MODEL MASTERS / EDUARD competition received

a glass cup for his masterful work, and

I believe the cup fills him with a sense

of specialness and makes him happy.

Congratulations and thank you!

Thanks also go to the Eduard tool shop

department where they helped me with

the production of the metal part of the


Stanislav Müller


INFO Eduard Special E-Day

October 2023