ting will be the sets for the Blenheim

Mk.IF and the Meteor FR.Mk.9 in 1/48

for the Airfix kits. In 1/48, we also have

sest for the Fw 190A-2 and fw 190A-8/

R2of our own production, and 1/72 we

are offering up sets for the P-61C from

Hobby Boss. November offers also sest

for bigger kits, like the TF-104G in 1/32

from Italeri and the Mosquito FB.Mk.VI

in 1/24 from Airfix. Sets for 1/35 scale

armour this time around only focuses

on the Pz.III Ausf B/D from Miniart, and

the same can be said of ship topics,

where the new item this month is for

the U-Boot Type VIIC/1941 from Revell

in 1/350. Check out the BigEDs and BigSins too, there are some pretty interesting morsels there to be found as well.

And now, some items that will be

going on in November. The popular

yearly Edoween is slowly coming to

a close, but after a few days will begin

the Afterparty for Scale Model World.

We will again be in Telford, and there

is still some tension over the question

as to weather or not we will be selling

our Tempest there. At this point, the

answer is still not clear. The forms still

need a bit of tweaking, here and there.

I must point out that if we do end up

having the Tempest for sale at Telford,

we will not be selling it as part of the

Afterparty on our e-shop. If it is not

ready in time for Telford, it will be for

Bratislava, because Telford is still prior

to official release date of the Tempest,

unlike Bratislava, and all of December’s

new items must be ready for that show.

Immediately prior to the Plastic Winter show in Bratislava, we will have our

Black Friday event, that will cross over

from the Afterparty for the Bratislava show. And over the course of these

events, December items will be available, including the Tempest.There will

be one more interesting event to go

along with the Black Friday and Plastic Winter Afterparty offers, under the

name of Sweep 2018. During this event,

we will be clearing out at 50% off all of

the self-adhesive sets and about fifty

kits. There are some interesting items

among these from the Limited Edition

and Royal Class lines. Please be aware

that these are the last of these items

and while some may still number in the

hundreds, others only a couple dozen.

They will also be available to retailers,

and the assumption that they will be selling them under the same conditions.

Some these items may be gone within

a few hours. It’s the same for the self-adhesive sets. A list of the items will be

made available on our Facebook page

as well as at www.eduard.cz.

And now, I am finishing this introduction to the newsletter on the train

from Sien to Florence, and without

a ticket conflict, since I am now officially

a seasoned railroad traveller. This trip is

as interesting as the trip from Lyse nad

Labem, although true, a person doesn’t

ave to work so hard. Despite that, the

Italian rail system has much in common

with its Czech counterpart. I feel quite

at home.

I would finally like to point out that

two weeks ago, we had our fifth running of the Iron Bunny contest. This

was the second time that the kit built

was the Fw 190A-2 to A-5 in 1/48, and

it was clear that under the leadership

of Lubos Kuna, the contest has matured nicely, as have the modellers over

the five years. Weaknesses in both the

team and individual aspects have virtually disappeared and differences in the

quality of the finished kits were pretty

much non-existent. The difference between first and fourth place was a measly three points. The point system was

also interesting, and it was revamped

a bit due to some past protests. These

changes made no difference in the final

victors, but it did prove to be an interesting experience. It will leave its mark

in the future, and I don’t think it will be

limited to just the Iron Bunny competition. More on that elsewhere here.

See you in Telford and Bratislava.

Happy Modelling!

Vladimir Sulc