Ltn. d. R. Josef Veltjens, Jasta 18, Bruille, France, early 1918

Having served with infantry units, at the end of 1915 Josef Veltjens volunteered for the air corps. After completing the training in

May 1916, he was assigned to FA 23, since March 1917 he already flew as a fighter pilot with Jasta 14 where he claimed his first

victory. He continued serving with Jasta 18 and Jasta 15 which he commanded later. His total score during the World War One was

35 kills. After the war he dedicated himself to selling the weapons, he supplied both sides of the Civil War in Spain, Italian units in

Ethiopia as well as Finland during the Winter War. At the beginning of World War Two, he was invited to serve in the Luftwaffe,

he acted as Göring’s personal ambassador for Finland and Italy. On October 6th, 1943 he perished in the Ju 52 crash into Monte

Cervellino in the Apennines.

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