Fw 190A-4/Trop, W. Nr. 145614, EKdo 19, Benghazi, Lybia, November 1942

On July 1st, 1942 Erprobungskommando 19 was formed, who‘s task it was to evaluate the suitability of the Bf 109 and Fw 190 as a fighter-bomber

under tropical conditions. The unit was manned by two instructor/pilots and six pilots that came from Erganzungsgruppe JG 27 and JG 53. This unit

was disbanded after a few months and their assets were distributed among other units. Aircraft of EKdo 19 carried the so-called desert scheme,

composed of RLM78/79, and also carried a white fuselage band with a white ‚E‘ on the rudder.

#648162 SC 500 German bombs (Brassin)

#48937 Fw 190A-4 upgrade set (PE-Set)

#48936 Fw 190A-4 landing flaps (PE-Set)

INFO Eduard - November 2019