S 2807, Adj. Augustin Charvát, Spa.315, Chaux, France, September 1918

The beginning of the war found the tailor Augustine Charvat in France, expanding his horizons. Along with many other Czechs who found themselves in

that country at that time, he joined the French military through the Foreign Legion. After recovering from injuries sustained in the fighting on September

28th, 1915, he underwent pilot training and served as a fighter pilot over the Front from January 1917. First, he was assigned to the reconnaissance

unit F.58, and from September 1917 with N./Spa.315, a fighter squadron. Charvat is credited with a single confirmed kill, gained on September

14th, 1918, shared in the destruction of a German two seat aircraft.

Charvat‘s SPAD 13C1 was built at Bleriot and carried the standard five-colour scheme with a layout that was consistent with this manufacturer. It also

carried the white numeral 3 and the Spa.315 unit emblem. The inscription Vieux Pére (‚Gramps‘) below the cockpit was in reference to Charvat‘s

nickname among the other pilots of the unit.

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