Bf 109E-4, WNr. 4869, Lt. Bernhard Malischewski, Stab II./JG 54, Campagne-les-Guines, France, October 1940

This „Emil“ was personal mount of Stab II./JG 54 officer Lt. Bernhard Malischewski who served with the unit already under its original designation I./JG 76. He scored

one victory during Sitzkrieg and three more in French campaign and Battle of Britain. The last one occurred on September 29th, when he shot down a Spitfire near London, Malischewski was captured on October 12th after forced landing south of Tenterden, Kent. It is believed that his victor was S/Ldr R.S. Tuck, however Malischewski

said he suffered engine failure during dog fight. Indeed his airplane did not have any hits from enemy fire. In UK he was kept as prisoner of war at Camp 13, the Hayes

Camp, in Swanwick, Derbyshire. He joined to group of prisoner, including Franz von Werra, who were planning escape through a tunnel. They nicknamed themselves

as „Swanwick Tiefbau A. G.“. Three prisoners including von Werra escaped, but Malischewski gave up the effort earlier during digging process. In February 1945 he

was sentenced to 28 days detention for attempting to escape from the train bringing him from one Canadian camp to another. He was promoted in captivity to rank of

Oberleutnant and passed away in 1975.

INFO Eduard - November 2020