the dream job of wiping off oil from a Hawker Hurricane. I was

looking forward to something like that and the boys dreamt of the

possibility. This was the job we did last year on the Spitfire.

With the afternoon and evening preparations complete, and

with a good weather forecast, we were focused on the next day.

The first monkey wrench in the whole thing came with the notification that the Trener kits could not be made ready in time.

The final sprue could not be fine tuned.

Saturday morning brought more bad news. At the base in Namesti, there was thick fog. This would delay the takeoff of the

Mi-24. But, as people began to come through the gate, we were

informed that the situation had improved and the Hind was in

the air. This had the added benefit that the attendees would

have the opportunity to watch the chopper come in and land and

taxi to its spot on the apron. Overnight and during the morning,

a dozen Z-226 and Z-526 treners arrived, some of who’s markings

are included in November’s Limited Edition release. Without

a doubt, many modellers found that the Trener is an interesting

and captivating aircraft, despite not having any guns, and is

worthy of attention.

Among the aircraft seen were the usual Plzen An-2, L-410, various types of Cessna, rescue Sokols, a DHC-2 Beaver and last, but

not least, the items in Hangar 3 of Classic Trainers. The historical

exhibit of the Line Airfield was also worthy of attention, dedicated to Czechoslovaks from Plzen, fighting in the ranks of the RAF

and the air war between 1939 and 1945 above this region.

In the air, the Mi-24 and the Hurricane went through their paces. When all was said and done after 3:00 in the afternoon, the

aircraft began to depart, and as organizers, we felt that we had

done good work. We got the same impression from the people

that attended. You can get an idea of what it was like through the

following photo gallery and video link.

The day, filled with Indian Summer and the smell of airplanes,

confirmed in us that we have laid the groundwork for a ‘pocket

walkaround’ and an overall concept that was worth the effort.

The question becomes when to organize the next such event, God

willing and…and….well, you know….the other forces that play

a role allow E-day to be held. But I think we can work something


29 October 2021

Photo: Michal Krechowski, Martin Pruskavec and autor

INFO Eduard - November 2021