KITS 11/2021

c/n 9668143, 3. Eskadra Lotnicza Taktycznego, Poznań-Krzesiny, Poland, 2002

3.. ELT was formed on January 1st, 2001 in Poznan-Krzesiny, equipped with the MiG-21MF, bis and UM. The MiG-21MF was operated for only two years, with service with this unit ending in 2002. Krzystof Gladkij is the author of the swordfish artwork painted

on both sides of the fuselage and the tail surfaces on the occasion of the unit’s 45th anniversary. He supplemented the artwork

on the tail surfaces with the inscriptions “Fishbed” (NATO codename for the MiG-21) and “45 lat” (45 years). In the following years

the artwork was subject to several modifications. Currently, this aircraft can be seen at Aeroklub Poznański in Kobylnica.

No. 5212, MiG-21MF, 2nd Fighter Squadron, 11th Fighter Regiment, Zatec Air Base, Czechoslovakia, October 1991

This MiG-21MF was delivered by the Moscow facility to the Czechoslovak Air Force in March 1972 and served with the 4th, 5th

and 9th slp. In May 1991, it found its way to the 11th slp. During the same year, the aircraft underwent a general overhaul and in

the process received an application of silver paint overal, giving the 2nd Flight techs an opportunity to apply markings commemorating the 40th anniversary of the unit, an opportunity they took advantage of. This look of the aircraft has survived to today.

After the disbandment of the 11th slp., the aircraft was reassigned to the 28th sbolp., based at Čáslav, where it served until its

retirement in 2002, after which it was mounted on a pedestal to serve as a memorial.

INFO Eduard - November 2021