An example of the marking of the S-199.245 “black A-784” from the Air Military Academy inventory, damaged upon landing on September 20, 1949, by student pilot Štefan Bolcha.

Later the same marking A-784 was carried by the aircraft serial numbers 134 and 47.

The photograph of the tail section of the brand new S-199

serial number 167 is dated October 1948. The black serial

number was applied using the stencil in the “S199-167”

format. Other stencils are visible: ZDE ZVEDATI (LIFT

HERE, on the fuselage), ZDE NETLAČIT (DON’T PUSH

HERE, on the rudder trim) and 1.5 atm (on the tail wheel

fork), also painted black. Two trim surfaces on the rudder

were painted red.

Rather poor quality but interesting photograph captures

the aircraft of the staff flight of the 3rd Air Division marked IR-5 with number shaped in an unusual manner.

This S-199 could not be identified further but is painted

light green-gray overall and features the older type

of “Erla Haube” canopy opening to the side.

November 2022

INFO Eduard