Absolute Winner of the 2022

Czech (IPMS) Championship

in his own words


M1124 MaxxPro

Text and photo: Jan Koutný

The model represents the vehicle nicknamed “Sv. Václav” (St. Wenceslas), which

was used by the Czech Army in Afghanistan in March-April 2012 in Wardak province. It was acquired by the Czech Army

as a loan from the US Army. The photographs of the vehicle were taken at the

Solthan Kheyl base, and the model is based on photographs taken by the driver

of the vehicle, Mr. Tomáš Procházka. He

decorated this vehicle with several specific motifs (the inscription Modelář 1:1,


INFO Eduard

the head of a Star Wars trooper and the

motif of St. Wenceslas with text). The vehicle is complemented by the Czech flag,

which was placed on the upper rear part

of the hull.

Compared to the original 1:72 scale kit

from Galaxy Hobby, the weapons on the

gun turret have been changed, using a 30

mm AGS 17 grenade launcher and a 7.62

mm PKT machine gun. The upper part of

the hull was modified, where antennas,

jammers and rope were specifically placed compared to the scale kit. The interior of the vehicle and the engine compartment as well as the detailed chassis

were upgraded. The vehicle is shown

with the gunner's hatch open, the doors

open and the bonnet open as per the photograph. The wheels have been replaced

and the correct diameter of 1189 mm has

been used, corresponding to a 16.5 mm

diameter in 1:72 scale. In the kit, the wheels have 15 mm size in diameter, which

is basically the only fault in an otherwise

well designed kit. On the model, the rear

fenders, lower armour tub, side covers

in the engine compartment, hood and turret armour have been reduced to match

scale and proportion. Minor details such

as mirror mounts, door handles, weapon

handles, antennas, cables, lights, seats,

armament and equipment were added

and refined. The vehicle had several visible damages caused by operation, spe-

cifically a dented front bumper under the

red letter “M” for “Modelář” (Modeller, referring to the name of Czech plastic scale modelling magazine), which was spray

painted, crooked. In addition, the rear left

fender was bent. The lettering on the lower part of the rear door, namely “trailer connection” and “NZIJNZ”, was also

sprayed crooked, as shown on the model.

Trailer M1102 is a complete new build and

camouflaged based on photos. The entire

vehicle, including the trailers, was perfectly documented when photos of this

vehicle, including the above photo, were

published on the Modelfórum website

for the use of modellers by their author,

Tomáš Procházka. Link here.


Kit: M1124 MAXXPRO by Galaxy Hobby

Scale: 1/72

Model of M1102: new build according to the

drawings scaled down to 1:72 scale

Photo etch for the model: Tetra

Grenade launcher: Alex Miniatures

Machine gun: M240 D/C from Minimali World

(modified to PKT 7.62 mm)

Equipment: mix of Galaxy Hobby, CMK, OKB

Grigorov and other manufacturers

Wheels: H-Models

Decals: Aircutter, on a cart by Handl (custom


Other details: Evergreen profiles, mix of wires and photo etch (different manufacturers)

November 2022