KITS 11/2022

AG 51 „Immelmann“, Schleswig-Jagel airbase, Germany, 2002-2003

Aufklarungsgeschwader 51, the predecessor of the

TaktLwG 51, was re-activated in January 1994. Previous AG 51, together with its sister unit AG 52 (both

were equipped with the reconnaissance RF-4E), were

disbanded in the middle of 1993. Newly established

AG 51 received Tornadoes IDS supplemented with

ECT version. Camouflage of the Tornado coded 43+46

was sprayed according to the so-called Norm 95

in three shades of grey and due to its participation in the NATO Tiger Meet 2002, taking place at the

Portuguese airbase Beja (Base Aerea no.11/Base

Aerea de Beja) the tiger stripes were addes.

MFG 1, Schleswig-Jagel airbase, Germany, 1993

Marinefliegergeschwader 1 (MFG 1) wing of the

German Navy was operational from 1959 to 1993 and

in 1981 was equipped with 57 new Tornado fighters.

Until then they had flown the American Strarfigh-


INFO Eduard

ters. After the end of Cold War and Germany unification it was decided to reduce the number of the

Bundeswehr units. MFG 1 was one of the „victims“

of this developments and on December 31, 1993 was

disbanded. The second MFG 1 flight was incorporated

into the MFG 2. Tornado IDS 43+87 camouflage was

painted according to the so-called Norm 76.

November 2022