of club offers. After the New Year, you will be

able to see just how successful we will be. And

speaking of the New Year, there will be some

promised items such as some publications

and resin parts from the Hind before Christmas, and some new plans will be revealed

after the New Year.

Another often requested item are masks

cut to match the inside surfaces of canopies.

This is actually not an easy endeavour, as it might at first seem. I am also not convinced of a

need for such masks. But in any case, we will

give the idea a shot. I will touch on this subject in greater detail in January’s newsletter

because this idea is really more complicated

than you might think. But I can tell you that

the inaugural release of this idea will cover Revell’s 1/32 P-51D.

Around mid-November, we released our

Distributors‘ Leaflet as usual, except it wasn’t

at its usual address, and so it couldn’t readily

be downloaded which is something modellers

have become accustomed to doing. To come

up with the right route to the address wasn’t

in my mind a difficult task, but not everyone

managed it. There was a bit of ruckus surrounding this whole thing, but the deficit ends today because all the new items can be seen at

the end of this newsletter. And as a bonus,

I will even add information pertaining to Limited Edition kits planned for the year 2018...at

least about the ones who’s release is certain.

In February, this will be the MERSU, an edition

dedicated to Finnish Bf 109G-2 and G-6 aircraft, in 1/48th. In March, we will finally get to

the promised (at this time during last year’s E-day) Liberator GR Mk.V (and Mk.III) in 1/72nd,

under the name ‚Riders in the Sky 1944‘.

I must apologize for the delay of the release

INFO Eduard - December 2017

of this item, but the preparation of the necessary conversion parts was more difficult than

we anticipated. That can probably be said

about any forms and molds, but these were

a little more the case with repect to their complexity and numbers. And quality. You’ll see

for yourself. Soon, we will publish test shots

of the sprues and of the entire project on

Facebook. The March release schedule

shouldn’t be threatened by anything at this

point, the conversion is complete, the related publication is promisingly close, markings

have been chosen and the basic kits are on

their way from Japan. They should somewhere near the Suez as we speak.As a side note,

next year we’d like to expand the EduArt concept to the classic Limited Edition kits, meaning they will contain a print of the boxart.

I am not sure weather or not this will apply to

the MERSU kit, since it may not work out in

time for that one, but we are counting on it

for the Liberator.

For April, we are preparing a Vietnamese

MiG-21PFM in 1/48th. The first MF in 1/72nd

is expected to be released in May and it will

be a ProfiPACK kit. In April, we will also be re-releasing the He 280...we have located the

molds. This will in all likelihood be a ProfiPACK

kit as well, but with the added value that this

will be the last time we release it under our

label. May will be dedicated to Hans-Joahim

Marseill and Messerschmitts in Africa, and

June to the Typhoon with bubble canopies

which we will also slightly modify and they will

not be exactly the same as the Hasegawa originals. And this is about it that is certain. We

have definite plans about six months in advance and the latter half of the year is shrouded to

some degree in a bit of a fog. That latter half of

the year should see the MiG-23MF/ML in Czechoslovak Service in 1/48 (ex Trumpeter) with

a publication, and at E-day we’d like to see the

second chapter of the Liberator project which

would be under the name ‚Riders in the Sky

1945‘ and dedicated to the Liberator GR.Mk.VI

and VIII. There are another five or so projects

in various stages of planning, but I will hold

those back as a surprise.

About new items that include ProfiPACK

MiG-21s in 1/72, the Tempest and Mustang

in 1/48, future versions of the Fw 190A, the

Bf 109G-10 and other items I will write more

on in the next newsletter. There, I will also

touch on planned changes for 2018.

Just a word regarding organisational items

that are relevant for December. Processing in

our stores will end on Friday, December 22

in the afternoon. The last orders that we will

send out this year will need to come into us

by December 18. From December 23 to January 5, 2018, we will not be sending anything

out. In the case of e-shop orders, they will be

registered in our system, but will not be sent

out before January 5th, 2018, and more likely no sooner than Monday, January 8, 2018.

I understand this may cause a bit of an inconvenience, but it has to be this way because we

have to do our own inventory, too.

We also have had our Novemberfest event

this year, and after a year’s break, it was sold

out, even a tad overbooked. How it all turned

out, I will let you know in January as well.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and

happy modelling!

Vladimir Sulc.