153.125, Hauptman Lázsló Háry, Flik 42J, Pianzano, Italy, Spring 1918

Born in Gyömöre in Hungary, Háry was an excellent pilot and commanding officer, although his confirmed aerial victory tally

during World War I is unknown. On the end of war, he was commander of Flik 42J, based at Prosecco airfield, near port of

Trieste. After the war, he became the first commander of the independent Hungarian Air Force. Later, he became leader of

the Hungarian Aero Association. He served in various posts within the Hungarian Air Force during World War II, reaching the

rank of Major General. He left to go to Italy in the spring of 1945. After his return to Hungary in 1949, Háry was imprisoned

and died in prison from heart failure on February 13th, 1953.

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