Fw 190A-4, W. Nr. 140581, Lt. E. Burath, Stab I./JG 1, Deelen, the Netherlands, April 1943

In October 1942 and at the age of twenty-four, Eberhard Burath joined the ranks of Jagdgeschwader 1 on completion of flight training, and would remain

with the unit until March 1945. During his service over this span, he was credited with the downing of six B-17s. In March 1945, he was named CO of 9./JG 51,

where he would add a Pe-2 bomber to his score on the 22nd of the month.

The Fw 190A-4 flown by Lt. Burath at the time when he served in the Adjutant role of I. Gruppe JG 1 carried a standard camouflage scheme consisting of RLM

74/75/76. The black and white colouring on the engine cowl was representative of Stab I./JG 1 aircraft, and the cowl also carries the I./JG 1 unit marking.

Below the windscreen is the JG 1 badge. The centre of the fuselage crosses were sprayed RLM 75, which was not all that common in the spring of 1943.

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