Guynemer between the front line

trenches on August 21st, 1916.

French soldiers took the plane

apart during the night, allegedly with axes, and transported it

back behind the French lines. This

is where the trail of this Nieuport

ends. It was also likely Guynemer’s

final flight in a Nieuport 17, and after this, he flew SPADs.

December sees the return of the

1:72nd scale ProfiPACK MiG-21MF

Interceptor, known in our neck of

the woods as ‘the Grey’. This kit

remains unchanged from its original release. The Weekend Line is

being continued with the Bf 109E3 in 1:48th, and the SUPER44 line

with the Spitfire Mk.IXC in 1:144th


The Brassin line is growing thanks

to new sets designed for the

P-51D, starting with the cockpit for

later versions of the Mustang, another three variants of wheels, and

two LooK sets for the P-51D-10

and the P-51D-15 (and later). The

LooK line also offers sets for the

Fw 190A-8 and the Me 262A (both

for the 1:32nd scale Revell kits).

The first sets, wheels, for the B-17

(1:48th, HKM) and two for the

P-38F/G (1:48th, Tamiya), will also

prove to be popular items. In the

photoetching department, I would

like to point out sets for the F-104J

(1:48th, Kinetic) and the P-40N

(1:32nd , Trumpeter). In 1:72nd

scale, we are releasing sets for the

INFO Eduard - December 2019

Su-57 and Pe-2 from Zvezda, the

Tu-22 (Trumpeter) and the Shackleton MR.3 (Revell). The 1:350th

ship line is growing by the addition

of two sets, for Germany’s Schleswig-Holstein and a set of flags

for Royal Navy torpedo boats and

battleships. Note also the Zooms

for the MiG-21MFN in 1:72nd scale for October’s Weekend kit and

for the Bf 109E-3 in 1:48th for the

new Weekend kit. We also have,

worth mentioning, a mask set for

that fiercely discussed Dora Wings

MB.151 in 1:48th. Mask sets, as

with all of the other accessory

items including decal sheets, are

a-plenty this month, and include

the T-Face interior/exterior incarnations. Note the three new decal

sheets with national insignia for

the Bf 109G-10 and the Fw 190A8. These are generally meant to

be used in conjunction with the

Overtree kits, and they will also

find favour with modellers who

have specific aircraft markings on

hand but are lacking the national

insignia. December’s releases also

include the now-traditional four

BigEds and two Brassin BigSins,

those being for the P-51D and

the MiG-23BN, both, naturally, in

1:48th scale.

December is a special month, as

always, and we will be selling only

until Christmas. We will close up

shop at that point, and won’t reopen until after New Year’s. This

year’s schedule will be as follows:

December’s new releases have

been available since last Thursday,

and at the moment, the Plastic

Winter Afterparty event is ongoing, but will end tomorrow afternoon. On Wednesday, December

4th, we will initiate the SWEEP

2019 sale, which will focus on liquidating some older kits in stock. In

most cases, these are Limited Edition kits and are accompanied by

accessory items which remained

in stock from last year’s event and

were not returned into circulation.

The list of all items that fall under

SWEEP 2019 is valid until stocks

are gone.

The retail department will cease

sending items out on December

20th. Orders received by Monday,

December 16th are guaranteed

to go out by the 20th. Everything

received after the 16th will go out

after the New Year. We expect that

sending out orders will resume on

January 6th, 2020.

Everything that is being planned

for the upcoming year will be discussed next month, in the first and

most popular newsletter of the

year. There will be no shortage of

things to say...the list of plans is

a long one.

Here’s wishing you a very Merry

Christmas! Happy Modelling

Vladimir Sulc