s/n 44-13859, Lt. Walter Mullins, 55th FS, 20th FG, 8th AF, Kings Cliffe,

United Kingdom, September 1944

Besides marking the aircraft with girlfriends, children or wife’s names, drawings of the sparsely clad ladies

decorated some aircraft noses. Its artistic appearance depended on the ground personnel skills, if any could

be found at the unit level. One of the Mustangs that sported the “pin up girl” artwork was the aircraft belonging to 55th FS flown by Lt. Mullins. Factory finish was supplemented with the olive color coat on the fuselage

and wings upper surfaces. 55th FS affiliation is further confirmed by the fuselage code KI as well as the black

triangle on the vertical tail surface and the rudder carrying the plane’s individual letter in white color.

INFO Eduard - December 2019