Fw 190D-9

Cat. No. 4461

built by Karel Pádár

Camo A

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W. Nr. 210003, Oblt. Hans Dortenmann, IV./JG 26, Germany, 1945

Hans Dortenmann, a 38 kill fighter ace and Knight‘s Cross holder, noted in

his memoirs that he used Dora W. Nr. 210003 as a personal mount from

September 1944 to the end of hostilities. He personally destroyed her at the

end of hostilities to avoid falling into enemy hands. At first, during Dortenmann

́s service with III./JG 54, the airplane was marked ‚Red 1‘. In late February

III./JG 54 was redesignated IV./JG 26, and Dortenmann was appointed Staffelkapitän of 12./JG 26. His Dora became ‚Black 1‘. The White-Black band

appeared on the tail as well as IV. Gruppe‘s wave. According to Dortenmann

́s memoirs, the original RLM 74/75 camouflage scheme was changed to RLM

81/82, but the reason for re-painting remains unknown. A new-style blown

canopy was installed instead of the original flat one. The vertical part of the

tail unit was painted yellow from JG 54 days.



INFO Eduard - December 2019