Camo B

W.Nr. 600424, Lt. Heinz Sachsenberg, Munich - Riem airport, Germany, April - May 1945

Lt. Heinz Sachsenberg (104 victories) was the Co of Platzschutzschwarm. The aircraft assigned to Sachsenberg carried the inscription

‘Verkaaft’s mei Gwand, I foahr in himmel’, which is a Bavarian proverb ‘sell my shroud, I am leaving for Heaven’ The font was Schwab,

which was popular at the time. Sachsenberg, holder of the Knight’s Cross, came from an aviation family. His uncle Gotthard flew in the First

World War and shot down 31 aircraft, and was awarded the Pour le Merite. Heinz’s brother, also named Gotthard, flew a night fighter

with NJG 3. He shot down two British bombers and fell on March 8th, 1943. The aircraft was found at the end of the war at Munich Riem, where it remained after the departure of JV 44 to Austria at the end of April 1945.

INFO Eduard - December 2019