Camo C

W. Nr. 211115, I./EKG(J) or V./EJG 2, Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, May 1945

Dora captured by U.S. forces at Pilsen airfield in May 1945, formerly belonged to I./EKG(J) – I. Gruppe of Ergänzungskampfgeschwader

(Jagd). This supplementary unit was redesignated as V./EJG 2 on March 29th, 1945, and was located in Pilsen by the end of hostilities.

Unusual style of Gruppe wave in red indicates that this Dora belonged to V./EJG 2 rather than to I./EKG(J) as this Gruppe marking

wasn´t used by I. Gruppe. The upper surfaces were camouflaged in RLM 81/82, and the under surfaces in RLM 76. The forward part of

wing under surfaces were RLM 81, while the remainder of the wing bottoms were left unpainted except for the RLM 76 ailerons. The small

black circle with a stylized number 17 under the cockpit appeared on the aircraft after capture and its exact meaning is unknown.



INFO Eduard - December 2019