KITS 12/2020

RA-2309G was manufactured in 1970, registered in Russian registers in 2014, serial unknown.

Purchased probably in the Ukraine, it was overhauled in Toljatti. The aircraft is equipped with

a Yak-12 propeller and was also equipped with Mi-4 wheels. It was put up for sale in 2020.

Z-37A s/n 13-29 was manufactured in 1971 and delivered to Hungary, registered there as HA-MCO.

Purchased by SlovAir in 1981, it was registered as OK-AJM. It was sold back to Hungary in 2005, this

time to perform glider tug duties under the registration HA-MFY from 2009. The fertilizer storage tank

apparatus was removed and the accesses were covered.

Recommended for Z-37A 1/72

672247 Z-37A wheels 1/72 (Brassin)

672248 Z-37A aerial applicator 1/72 (Brassin)

3DL72001 Z-37 SPACE 1/72 (SPACE) release 01/2021

Cat. No. 672248

Cat. No. 672247



INFO Eduard - DECEMBER 2020