see the marking options down below. FOKKER

FOKKER! Is a bit of a taste of what’s to come.

In February, we will have the Dornier Do 17Z

in 1:48th with plastic from the ICM kit. This

comes on the heels of the Battle of Britain themed items, and although it covers a wider historical context than that, it certainly goes well

with such releases as The Few and Adlertag very

well. Out of the bombers that were in service at

the beginning of the Second World War with the

Germans, we chose the Do 17Z because it is in

the shadows of the more famous He 111P and

H and the Ju 88A, which, on the other hand, have

been released by everyone and his brother. We

are giving the Dornier Do 17Z its due care and

attention, and I think that this kit will be very

popular. The first quarter will be rounded out by

the release of another 1:72nd scale kit, the Du

doch nicht!!. This will follow along the lines of

the 48th scale version, and will be released on

the 110th birthday of Ernst Udet.


OF 2021

The second quarter will be virtually all-72nd

with respect to the Limited Edition line. April

will see the release of Adlerangriff 1:72 and will

share in the marking options of its bigger brothers, even though there may be minor changes

made. In terms of the plastic, this will come from

the Bf 109E Special Hobby kit, which came about

as a co-operative effort between Special Hobby

and Eduard. Our share of the work is less significant, and more of the work was handled by our

colleagues at Special Hobby, who took our original 1:48th scale kit and altered it, corrected it,

generally modernized it, brought it in line with

the latest research available, and put it into production. Development of the kit was also taken

part in by a third party, which, for now, would

like to remain anonymous, but also put forth

a wonderful effort. It was the third party that

made the moulds, and that produces the plastic.

We all worked together to put this kit into production within five months. If you would like to

know if such co-operative efforts will continue,

the answer is yes. This pilot project has shown


INFO Eduard - DECEMBER 2020

that data used on past kits can be used for the

development of newer and better versions of

them. This provides a better and more user-friendly product than the still practiced and,

unfortunately, accepted method in the Czech

Republic of illegally copying an older model, making epoxy short-run forms, and passing them

off on an unsuspecting customers as corrected,

3D designed, items, or other such complete

crap. The ‘3D’, in these instances, really stands

for ‘Dishonest, Desperate and Disgusting’. This is

exactly what this practice is. An avalanche of Bf

109E kits created in just this way are about to hit

the market here under a traditional brand name.

Although some see me as a kind of ‘modelling

Don Quixote’ and my battle against plagiarism

as doomed, I believe it is not. I hold out faith in

the belief that modellers, as a whole, want quality for their money and they want sincere, hard

work behind the products they purchase. These

are the people that will not even (rightfully so)

forgive an incorrect colour call-out on a handle

in a cockpit in an instruction sheet, and, I believe, will prefer either a new, well researched and

truly beautiful kit from Special Hobby or, later,

Eduard, or even an older, but still relevant and

less expensive original Tamiya kit. Take care of

what you are purchasing, and don’t be afraid to

ask where it originated from. It will be worth the

effort. Eduard will get into the release schedule

of the new Bf 109E in April. The Special Hobby kit

will be accessorized with our usual items, placing

it in a higher retail cost bracket, and so will be

aimed at the more demanding segment of the

modelling public. Later, we will continue with the

Bf 109E with not just further Limited Edition kits,

but also with ProfiPACK and Weekend editions

as well. I think that, together with our friends at

Special Hobby, we will demonstrate that a homerun can be hit with a small model.

For May, we have the kit dubbed ‘Silver

Arrows’ in 1:72nd scale. These will not contain

the MiG-21R, because we still do not have that

version ready yet. And even if we did, it wouldn’t

be included, because in the 48th scale version of

this idea there were three types, and that was

hell, bringing with it certain logistical nightmares

that I don’t even want to get into. And I don’t

want to go through THAT again! This kit, as was

the 1:48th scale version, will be released with

the inclusion of the publication by Martin Janousek, that will be in its second, re-edited printing,

but without the MiG-21R coverage, naturally. In

June, we will continue on with the fast jets in

1:72nd, again, downsized from earlier 48th scale

releases. We can look forward to Desert Babe in

1:72nd, the Tornado GR.1 in the Gulf War. This is

slated for June.