P-51D-10, 44-14221, Maj. Pierce W. McKennon, CO of 335th FS, 4th FG, 8th AF,

Debden, United Kingdom, April 1945

Future Second World War twelve kill ace Pierce Winnigham McKennon was born on November 30th,

1919 in Clarksville, Arkansas. Although his ability to play the piano awarded him a scholarship at the

University of Arkansas, he did not complete those studies and in 1941, he neterred the USAAF with the

wish to be a fighter pilot. After two months, however, he was let go due to his nausea, but he refused

to let go of his dream. He joined the RCAF, where he finished his training and was assigned to an

Operational Training Unit in Europe. He was reintegrated into the USAAF on February 22nd, 1943 with

the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, and was assigned to the 335th FS, armed with the P-47, which were later

replaced by the phenomenal Mustang. He was not only an excellent pilot, but due to the piano playing

skills, was also a regular invitee to social functions. His final sortie came about during a squadron-wide

raid on an air bases around Prague, when his aircraft was hit in the canopy, and a piece of Plexiglass

narrowly missed his eye. After the war, he remained with the Air Force, serving as an instructor. He was

killed on June 18th, 1947, together with a student pilot in an AT-6D near San Antonio, Texas.

#648511 P-51D wheels diamond tread 2 (Brassin)

#648495 P-51D undercarriage legs BRONZEs (Brassin)

INFO Eduard - DECEMBER 2020