This Ka-52 bore a warlike drawing of an alligator on the fuselage. It was shot down in Kherson Oblast in November 2022.

New photos of a Russian Mi-8AMTS helicopter with the fuselage number “Blue 92”

that was destroyed by Ukrainian forces on Snake Island as recently as May 7, 2022.

A photo of the wreckage of a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter was

released on December 24 and is believed to be from the Donetsk

Russian Orlan-10 reconnaissance drone shot down on December 30 in Chernihiv Oblast.

region. However, there is no other debris around. It is possible that

this is a machine destroyed earlier.

A Ukrainian Mi-24P helicopter

with a traditional painting from

the village of Petrykivka in

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, where

such motifs decorated houses

and household items.


INFO Eduard

February 2023