Z-526AFS-V, OK-ERE, s/n 1307, Točná Aero Club, Slaný airfield, Czech Republic, 2014

No. 1307 was manufactured in 1974 and was taken

over by Svazarm on December 29 of the same year

as its last Z-526AFS. The aircraft served mainly

at the Točná airfield, and the local aero club also

acquired it later. When the club was forced to move

to Slaný airfield (after the purchase of Točná by a

private owner), they took OK-ERE with them. This

happened at the time she was already converted to

the AFS-V tow version after reaching the aerobatic

May 2022

flying hours limit. The conversion was carried out

at Aerotechnik Kunovice. In 2013, the OK-ERE was

damaged in a failed landing, which ended up in the

ditch behind the end of the runway. Another accident

occurred during the return from an air meeting in

Poland, when the pilot hit the power lines with the

rudder and tore it off. During necessary repair, the

black stripes disappeared from the rudder. In June

2019 the OK-ERE was sold to private owner, who

used the engine for another airplane, and sold her

engine-less. New owner plans full overhaul and

engine installation. It is certainly worth mentioning

that in the days of her aerobatic career OK-ERE

served, among others, the later double European

aerobatics champion Petr Jirmus. The drawing of

the lady on the starboard side is by the airbrush

painter Olivia de Derardinis.

INFO Eduard