to this version, and also featuring

a very extensive decal sheet. There

will actually be two Limited Edition kits available. I understand that

the 1:72nd scale Fokker D.VII MAG

will target a relatively narrow segment of modellers, but the 48th

scale MiG-23BN should be a whole

different ballgame. The concept is

very similar, as is the price, to last

year’s ‚Bedna‘ kit, the fighter versions of the MiG-23. This was, on

its own merit, able to cause a line

three times around the table, and

end a little ways outside the room.

On Friday, the lineups should not

be too bad. As a sidenote, there

will be some 180 Overtrees available for the MiG-23BN, which, although is some three times more

than for the fighter versions of the

-23, but that might not prove to

be enough. There will be plenty of

accessory items available for both

the Mustang and the MiG-23BN,

and details can be seen further below through this newsletter. There

will also be a collection of admissions models and some motivational items for displaying modellers.

What exactly the admissions kit

INFO Eduard - September 2019

will be is something that I will, as

in days gone by, keep to myself for

now, but it is not hard to guess.

Motivational kits will be in a similar

style, although the ship guys will

have it a little different.

Compared to all of the above,

the remaining new items for September might come across as a bit

inconspicuous. Despite that, they

will have their own charm and ability to attract on their own merits.

The new release of the P-400 Airacobra, a ProfiPACK kit in 1:48th

scale, is another in the long line

of Eduard Airacobras. It replaces

a kit of the same name that was released quite some time ago and is

long since sold out. Besides featuring a new boxart, there are all new,

save for one, marking options. This

kit also has the article by Mr. Sredl

associated with it, that appears in

this newsletter, and it’s certainly

worth the read. Perhaps, it would

be worth the potential firestorm to

present the depicted events from

a Japanese perspective. JaBo, in

the same scale, is a Limited Edition

item that depicts the Fw 190A-5/

U3 and A-5/U8.

The 1:72nd scale MiG-21MF

Fighter Bomber in the Weekend

line is self explanatory. You can

check out the marking options below, and the decal sheet is pretty

extensive, while the Polish naval

aircraft is very striking. Besides

these three kits, we are also releasing for September the long

sold-out Spitfire Mk.IXc in 1:72nd

scale. The noteworthy items in the

Brassin line include the cockpit for

Tamiya’s Spitifre Mk.IX in 1:32nd.

The home market will likely appreciate the sets for the 1:48th Siebel

Si 204D from Special Hobby and the

MiG-21F-13 in 1:72nd scale from

Modelsvit. There are obviously

a lot more in terms of accessories

being released this month, but

there is no need to get into them

in detail here, when you can easily

scroll down and see them for yourself here.

That will be all for now, and

I hope to see you at E-day.

Happy modelling!

Vladimir Sulc