to Midway. First, on October 18, 2019, they

found Kaga’s wreck. Her parts had been

discovered by the US Navy in 1999 during

the exercise involving mapping the ocean

bottom. The had discovered 15 meters long

bulkhead, two 25 mm caliber cannons posts and landing lights in 5200 meters depth. RV Petrel discovered the whole wreck

in 5400 meters depth. The wreck is upright

but significantly covered with sediments

and most of her deck and superstructure

is missing. She is surrounded by a lot of

debris. Two days later, on October 20, 2019,

RV Petrel crew discovered Akagi’s wreck

as well with the help of high frequency sonar in the depth of 5490 meters. The ship

is upright but as opposed to Kaga is fairly undamaged. The photographs could not

be made since the underwater robot was

damaged while researching Kaga two days


Source: US Navy


The burning aircraft carrier Hiryū on the morning of June 5, 1942, shortly before sinking.


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Source: US Navy

Source: Naval History and Heritage Command


The destroyer USS Hammann sinks after being hit by a torpedo from a Japanese submarine. The image was

taken from the deck of the Yorktown, which was also hit. At the top right is the 127 mm caliber gun platform.

Source: Naval History and Heritage Command

Source: Naval History and Heritage Command

Dauntlessy z VS-8 z Hornetu útočia na japonský

krížnik Mikuma 6. 6. 1942.

Japonský ťažký krížnik Mikuma 6. 6. 1942 krátko

pred potopením.


INFO Eduard

The aircraft carrier Yorktown tilted after being abandoned by her crew. On board are two Wildcat fighters.

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